Meeting Equipment Rentals

ORGANISATIONTURKEY the leading provider of audiovisual services and solutions for pharmaceutical and CME (Continuing Medical Education) meetings and events. We specialize in providing audio-visual services and solutions that help you maximize your meeting investment. We offer both do-it-yourself small meeting equipment rentals, and full service audio-visual services for a full range of pharmaceutical meetings and events, including: conferences, symposiums, dinner meetings, web conferences, product launches, satellite broadcasts and more.

We know there are plenty of things to worry about when planning a meeting or event, and your audiovisual equipment rental shouldn't be one of them. We understand that it isn't your job to be an A/V expert - it's ours.

Whether you need a projector and screen for a meeting of five, or a PA system for an audience of 5,000, simply let us know what you're trying to do, and one of our friendly customer service consultants will match your needs with the right equipment and services.

Projector Rental

We've got the projector rental you need, whether you're showing a PowerPoint presentation on your Mac or PC laptop computer, a large venue high definition multimedia video display, or creating a home movie theater with our HD or DVD projector.

We carry only top brand DLP/LCD digital projectors, including InFocus, Proxima, Toshiba, BenQ, Mitsubishi, and Dell. Our large venue projectors come from Panasonic, Eiki, Christie, and more.

These LCD projector rentals are ideal for showing PowerPoint slides, images and videos to audiences both large and small. Your optimal projector will depend mainly on the type of material you're presenting, the number of people in attendance, and the setting of your event. Shown below are the three projectors we recommended for these types of applications

Whether you're hosting an outdoor movie night or showing an educational film to students, an HD or DVD projector rental can be the ideal solution. In addition to their superior image size and quality, these units are relatively simple to setup and operate as well. Easy setup and remarkable picture quality make this the perfect DVD projector rental for showing movies to small and medium-sized groups (up to 50 people). The high contrast ratio means your colors will look crisp and vibrant on the big screen - truly the total package.

HD projector rental is perfect for showing the big game or creating a truly stunning cinema experience. This HD projector rental connects to a wide array of inputs, including everything from Blu-ray disc players to video game consoles. Ideal for bringing high-quality videos and rich media experiences to life.

Video Equipment Rental

Perhaps you want to show a PowerPoint presentation, project a document at a major conference, watch a movie, or even film your own. No matter the occasion, we can help. For the visual portion of your presentation, you'll find an array of items from projectors to plasmas, and digital camcorders to podiums. Whether you're expecting an audience of 10 or 1,000, we have the equipment you'll need to make your event a success. As always, if you're not sure exactly which equipment is ideal for your situation.

Choose from a selection of professional and broadcast quality video camera rental solutions, suitable for everyone from the complete amateur to the diehard filmmaker. Whether you need to record a training session, film a webcast or movie, or capture those special moments at a birthday party, we have the right camcorder rental for you. We carry everything from digital consumer cameras to 3-chip and high-end professional cameras. Not sure which camera is best for your needs? Our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates are just a phone call away.

Whether you want to watch a movie, play a video game or broadcast a live event in HD, we supply a full range of high-definition products to fit your needs. And if you can't find what you're looking for, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help you with a customized solution.

Our range of projector/movie screen rental solutions caters not only to the size of your audience, but also to the specific material that you'll be presenting. Whether it's an intimate boardroom meeting or a largely attended conference, we can provide the screen that's best suited for your event.

Audio Equipments

We offer a full line of audio equipment rental for meetings and events of all shapes and sizes. Below you’ll find a range of microphones, speakers and mixers. Whether you need an audio solution for a panel of speakers, presenting PowerPoint slides in a meeting room, or making sure the music at your wedding can be heard across the dance floor, we have all of the equipment you’ll need and any of our sound system solutions can be custom-tailored for your event.

With wired and wireless options rated for indoor and outdoor use, we can amp up your event with ease. If you have questions or aren't sure what you need, call to talk to one of our qualified audiovisual consultants, or hit the LiveChat button.

Optimized for speech-based presentations such as dinner meetings, speaking engagements and conferences, our PA systems are designed to make you sound amazing. Each system includes two powered speakers on stands and one microphone of your choice. Up to eleven additional microphones and audio devices can be added on to any system to fit your occasion. If you're not sure exactly what you need, just give us a call and our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the ideal audio solution for your event.

Optimal for amplifying music and movies. Great for weddings, trade shows, presentations, or films for groups of any size. Each sound equipment rental includes powered speakers on stands and a direct box or mixer. When thinking about which system to choose, consider both your crowd size and the size of your venue. For example, if you are trying to reach 100 people outdoors, we would recommend the medium venue sound system. However, we might also recommend the same sound system for up to 250 people indoors, depending on the type of audio.

Our large selection of wired and wireless microphone rentals can be adapted to match the size and setting of your specific event. Whether you're speaking from a podium, or need your hands free while presenting, we can provide the perfect solution to fit your needs.

We rent top-quality professional speakers for events of all shapes and sizes. If you'll need a microphone for your event, please follow the link to our PA systems. If you'll be playing music or a DVD, please view our sound systems. If you need additional information, just give us a call and our friendly staff can help you find the right audio rental equipment for your meeting or event.

Computer Equipment Rentals

Most meetings these days are centered around the presentation of documents, images, spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides in some digital form or another. We understand that quality computer hardware directly contributes to your success and delivery on the day of your event.

Here you'll find a range of computer rental and laptop rental options to suit your specific preferences - be it by function or specification. Our laptops arrive right to your house, office, hotel or trade show booth, so you have one less thing to worry about. Even if you need multiple laptops and monitors, we deliver and set-up anywhere, all at one low cost.

Choose from a variety of laptop rental solutions, fully customizable to meet your exact needs. If you need a model different from the ones below, simply let us know your requirements and we'll be happy to match you with the ideal computer.

Standard tower desktop rentals. Easy to customize to your specifications.

We offer a variety of Mac rental solutions including: computers and monitors for business and personal use. We also offer professional technology services to help you with setup, networking, troubleshooting and more.

Our printer rentals and copier rentals range from desktop to full-size models, and can handle any size job. We also offer shredders, wireless accessories, and on-site technology services to assist with setup and programming. We carry only the most proven brands and models, and if you don't see the exact product you need, please let us know and we'll do our best to get it for you

These fully-loaded, computerized kiosks allow for personal interaction across a variety of applications. With a touchscreen interface, Internet-enabled computing and built-in speakers, these units are perfect for tradeshows, corporate events, marketing campaigns and much more.

Meeting Equipment Rental

A typical meeting, regardless of size and format, usually entails a great deal of logistical planning, especially in terms of technical equipment and additional accessories. We're committed to making your life easier by helping you throughout the planning process.

This selection of products is specifically geared toward providing you with all the items you'll need to successfully organize a meeting from beginning to end.

Arranging a press conference? Even on short notice, we can provide you with all of the equipment you'll need to get your message across.

Audiovisual Rental Packages

Our pre-packaged deals are designed to help you get the best rate for all your audiovisual equipment in one easy step. The packages are catered specifically to your event, and they include everything you'll need to make your experience a success. From the courtroom to backyard movie nights to wedding ceremonies to Nintendo Wii Rental, Playstation 3 rentals.

We understand the flexibility that courtroom A/V rentals require, and we have custom-designed packages to suit your specific needs. Choose from either our Elmo document camera with LCD projector package, or our tripod screen and projector combo.

Audiovisual Services

Our audio visual services are designed to take away the headache of setting up, operating and managing audio visual equipment. We can help you plan an event, set up the right equipment, record it and convert your files straight to a CD or MP3. We also provide services for video and voice conferencing as well as B2B events.

Our audio and video services include:


We'll set up your equipment where and when you need it for a fair and reasonable price. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are highly trained and more than willing to help. For a simple flat fee, we can set-up all of your equipment and test it out so that you can present with confidence.

On-Site Technician Service

Our friendly technicians can set-up and operate your equipment during your meeting or event, so you can concentrate on other things. our technicians are available to set-up and operate all equipment we carry. From monitoring your PowerPoint presentation to recording your shareholder meeting, we have the experience and know-how to make your event a success.

Custom Designed Audiovisual Solutions

Our creative planning and operations team can work with you to craft any AV setup imaginable. No matter the size or complexity of your event, we can help you orchestrate an audiovisual solution that's custom-tailored to your needs. From nationwide video installations to global telecommunications conferencing, we are fully equipped to handle even your most out-of-the-box request. To learn more about how our custom designed solutions can work for you.

Video & Satellite Conferencing

We can visually connect you to anyone across the country anytime. Our equipment and techniques are state-of-the-art, and we only work with the most highly qualified technicians. Whether you need to have a multi-location video conference, or a worldwide satellite broadcast,we are experienced and dedicated to bringing you flawless service.

Our video and satellite conferencing services allow you to bring your content directly to the viewers’ computer screen or to a projector for a larger image, track who is watching and when, and receive live questions during your event through our email interface. Our technicians will be on-site to set-up and manage the event at each participating location.

Audience Response System Rental

Get immediate feedback from audience members, put interactivity into your presentation, or perform real-time market research. Our computerized systems allow audience participants to enter responses to questions on hand-held computer terminals. These terminals transmit individual responses back to a computer that instantly tabulates the data, and then (typically) displays a summary of the results for the audience to review.

This wireless, radio-frequency communication has been proven reliable and effective for events in hotels, auditoriums, classrooms, and corporate facilities. High portability and ease of use have made this technology both accessible and popular for electronic voting, opinion polls, surveys, group decision making and game shows.

Video Editing & Conversion

You already know that we rent a range of video cameras from miniDV consumer camcorders to broadcast quality 3 chip cameras. Once your filming is complete, our professional editing services can provide consultative instruction or simply convert your media to ready-to-play DVDs for you. Our services are not only high quality, but are scalable on a nationwide level.

Digital Audio Editing & Conversion

Use our digital recorder, cassette tape recorder or CD recorder to document your meeting, event or presentation. Then return your audio recording along with your rental equipment and let our experts edit and transfer your files to CDs. Whether you need one CD or 20 copies sent to regional offices around the country, we can edit and produce a finished product within a week and ship anywhere in the country for one low price.

Pharmaceutical & CME Audiovisual Services

We are leading provider of audiovisual services and solutions for pharmaceutical and CME (Continuing Medical Education) meetings and events. We specialize in providing audio-visual services and solutions that help you maximize your meeting investment. We offer both do-it-yourself small meeting equipment rentals, and full service audio-visual services for a full range of pharmaceutical meetings and events, including: conferences, symposiums, dinner meetings, web conferences, product launches, satellite broadcasts and more.