Turkish Folkloric Dance Organisation

Turkish Folkloric Organization and sponsor firm FastBook Travel arrange one of the traditional Turkish organisation to place all of world . .

Besides these kind of activities there was some exhibition for handicraft even traditional Turkish folk dance- folk music- folk costumes from the different region part of Turkey.

It names of the dancers in the group continuously change as graduating students leave town and new students replace them. The experienced help the newcomers master the moves and in doing so assure the continuation of a tradition here.Turkish folk dances and folk music create one of our traditions which, for centuries, was the most effective means of national feelings and culture. As a geographical, historical and cultural phenomenon, our folk dances and our music work, emerging in a variety of forms and of very rich character in different regions, are considered to be a cultural treasure.

The number of our folk dances performed and folk songs sung reaches almost ten thousand that are observed in weddings, gatherings, festivals, friendship meetings, association meetings, seymenlik (performance of young men armed in national costume who take part in a wedding procession/festivals) ceremonies, various seasonal recreations, holidays and in many other traditional activities.